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PI Linear Stages and Multiaxis Engineered Motion Systems

XYZ-Stages are precision linear mechanisms providing motion in 3 degrees of freedom. They are often used for research and industrial precision automation tasks from optics to medical engineering. PI Provides a large variety of linear motion stages, from single axis stepper motor stages, XY servo stages to complex 6-Axis hexapod parallel kinematic motion systems. In addition to conventional motorized stages, PI specializes in piezo-driven systems, for ultra-high precision applications.

Brochure: Motorized XY Precision Stages / Scanning Tables

More information on precision motorized XYZ-Gantry Stages and multi-axis automation systems

Precision Motorized 3-Axis
Direct Drive XYZ Gantry Stage

  • Direct Drive Linear Motors for High Velocity and Precision
  • Max. Velocity >1m /sec
  • Closed-Loop with Nanometer Resolution
  • High Load Capacity
  • Direct Drive Linear Motors
  • Air Bearings or Mechanical Bearings

PI provides custom engineered precision motion and automation systems from simple 3-axis XYZ set-ups to complex Gantry Stages and nanopositioning systems with 56 axes.

Video: Precision Motorized 3-Axis Direct-Drive XYZ Gantry Stage for 3D Printing

Flexible XYZ-Stage Concept to Accelerate Automation Projects - See Applications

  • Preconfigured, Tested and Tuned
  • Synchronization of Laser and Motion Control
  • XY and XYZ Variations
  • Up to 400mm XY Travel
  • Up to 100mm Z-Travel
  • XY Linear Motor Stage
  • Z-Stage with Precision Ball Screw
  • EtherCat-based High Performance Motion Controller

Watch Video X-417 Automation XYZ System with EtherCat Controller for Laser Applications

L-412 Linear Stage Datasheet
V-731 XY Linear Motor Stage Datasheet

L-412 and V-731 XYZ Stage Combination

  • Linear Motor Driven XY Planar Stage
  • Ball-Screw Driven Vertical Linear Stage
  • Nanometer Resolution
  • High Load
  • For Industrial Automation

L-412 linear stages are designed for tough industrial automation tasks, with special side protection against particles. They can be assembled to form XYZ stages or can also be combined with the V-731 high speed planar XY stage.

V-551 Linear Motor Stage Datasheet

V-551 Linear Motor Stage XYZ Combination

  • Linear Motor Driven Stage
  • Nanometer Resolution
  • High Speed
  • Magnetic gravity force compensation for the Z-Axis

V-551 series linear motor translation stages are available with absolute and incremental encoders providing resolutions down to single digit nanometers. Ideal for industrial automation.

Multi-Axis Automation Test System Based on XYZ-Stage, Hexapod and V/C Actuator

  • 10-Axis Test System
  • Hexaopd Provides Programmable Pivot Point
  • Voice Coil Actuator with Force and Position Control
  • XY Linear Motor Stage
  • Precision High-Load Z-Stage

Watch Video This example shows an automated multi-axis system for touch-panel testing.

Q-Motion Mini XYZ Stage with Inertia Motor

  • Ultra Compact: from 22x22x10mm (linear), 14mm diameter (rotary)
  • Resolution Microns to Nanometers
  • XYZ Configurations, XY Configurations w/o Adapter Plate
  • Travel to 32mm
  • Max. Velocity 10mm/sec
  • Self-Clamping Stick-Slip Motor, No Jitter/Drift, No Holding Current
  • UHV and Non-Magnetic Options

Stick-slip mini motors are ideal for precision motion application with very limited space.

Stick-Slip Miniature Multi-Axis Positioning Systems provide affordable high precision motion

M-122 Linear Stage Datasheet

M-122 Miniature XYZ Stage Combination

  • Compact Design with folded Drive Train
  • Linear Encoder for High Precision
  • Piezo Add-On for High Speed Scanning and Alignment such as used for Fiber Optics
  • Ball screw for low friction, high speed and lifetime

M-122 precision miniature linear stages can be combined to XY and XYZ assemblies for precision positioning and alignment tasks. If high speed scanning in the sub-micrometer precision range is required, a piezo XYZ cube add-on is available as well.

Compact Motorized XYZ-Stage for Precision Alignment in Optics and Photonics - L-505

  • Modular X, XY, XYZ Stage
  • Comopact and high Resolution
  • Linear Encoder Direct Feedback
  • Servo and Stepper Motor Options
  • Up to 5nm Resolution
  • High-Speed Scanner Add-On Option
  • Ball Screw and Lead Screw Options
  • High Performance Motion Controllers

Watch Video Compact XYZ Motorized Stage and Nanopositioning Stage in Fast Single Mode Fiber Alignment

M-686 XY Stage with Piezo Linear-Motor

  • Integrated Closed-Loop Piezomotor Drives Provide High
  • Speed to 100 mm/s
  • Travel Ranges 25 x 25 mm
  • Integrated Linear Encoders with 0.1 Ám Resolution
  • Compact Design: 32 mm Profile Height, 170 x 170 mm Footprint
  • Clear Aperture 78 x 78 mm, 66 x 66 mm in Extreme Position
  • Self-Locking at Rest
  • Compatible with PI Piezo Nanopositioning / Scanning Stages

M-686 XY piezomotor stages are mainly designed for automated positioning applications in microscopy.

PDF Datasheet Download
Several customized versions of the M-686 XY piezo motor stage.

U-723 Integrated Linear Motor XY Stage with Ultrasonic Drive

  • Smallest Translation Stage with Closed-Loop Linear Motor and Encoder
  • Travel Range 22 mm
  • Max. Velocity 200 mm/sec
  • Fast Acceleration
  • Direct Metrology Linear Encoder
  • 10 Nanometers Resolution
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions Available

PILine« micropositioning systems offer high velocities of up to 200 mm/sec and travel ranges of 22 mm in a compact package. The U-723 is one of the smallest integrated closed-loop XY translation stage with piezomotor drives currently on the market.

PDF Datasheet Download

M-5x1 Micropositioner: XY & XYZ Combinations

  • Travel Ranges 102, 204 and 306 mm (4", 8", 12")
  • Max. Velocity 125 mm/s with ActiveDrive? Motors
  • Optional 0.1 Ám Linear Encoder for Highest Accuracy
  • Load Capacity of 100 kg
  • Stress-Relieved Aluminum Base for Highest Stability
  • Zero-Backlash Recirculating Ballscrews
  • Non-contact Limit and Reference Switches
  • MTBF >20,000 h

M-5x1-series translation stages can meet the most demanding positioning requirements. They boast an extremely low profile design to allow XY and XYZ combinations and feature a precision-machined base of high-density, stress-relieved aluminum for exceptional stability and minimum weight.

M-833 XZ-Rot Stage: Parallel Kinematic Tripod / Goniometer

  • Precision Positioning in X, Z, θY
  • Goniometer Z Stage with Freely Selectable Pivot Point
  • Travel Ranges ▒25 mm / ▒25 mm / ▒30░
  • Load Capacity to 4 kg
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 0.1 Ám
  • ActiveDrive? Servo Motors
  • Compact Design with Parallel Kinematics

PDF Datasheet Download

M-110 Miniature Series: XY & XYZ Stage Combinations

  • Travel Ranges 5, 15 and 25 mm
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 50 nm Max. Velocity 2 mm/s
  • Closed-Loop DC Motors and Stepper Motors
  • Non-Contact Limit and Reference Switches
  • Optional Recirculating Ball Screw Drives Provide High Speeds & Long Lifetimes
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions Available to 10-6 hPa

PDF Datasheet Download

M-105 Ě M-106 Linear Stages: XY
and XYZ Combinations

  • Travel Range to 18 mm
  • All-Stainless-Steel Construction
  • XY and XYZ Combinations
  • Resolution up to 0.1 Ám
  • Optional PiezoMike with 10 nm Resolution
  • Optional Motor Drives

M-105 and M-106 are micrometer-driven translation stages with travel ranges of 18 mm and 5 mm, respectively. The carriage is spring preloaded against the micrometer tip for excellent repeatability and elimination of backlash. M-105 and M-106 stages are available in X, XY and XYZ-Stage configurations. Precision crossed roller bearings guarantee straightness of travel of better than 2 Ám. The M-106 is equipped with a differential micrometer drive providing resolution of 0.1 Ám.

PDF Datasheet Download

M-880 XY Stage with Planar Rotation:
3 Axis Precision Positioning System

  • Travel Ranges 20 x 20 mm / 8░
  • Static Load Capacity to 150 kg
  • ActiveDrive Servo Motors
  • Low Profile through Parallel Kinematics
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 0.75 Ám
  • Large Clear Aperture
  • Sophisticated Controller Included

PDF Datasheet Download

F-130 / F-131 XYZ Stage for Photonics Alignment

  • Piezo and Motorized Stage for Fast Response and High Resolution
  • Positioning Ranges: 5mm and 15 mm
  • 1 nm Resolution
  • Closed-Loop Piezo Drives Available
  • Choice of Stepper- & DC-Motor Drives
  • Automated Alignment Software available, watch video

F-130 are compact computer-controllable XYZ alignment and positioning systems combining the advantages of ultra-high-resolution piezo drives with the long travel range of motorized stages. The F-130/F-131 is available in 8 different versions, with stepper- and DC-motor coarse drives, and open- and closed-loop piezoelectric fine drives.

PDF Datasheet Download

PDF Datasheet Download

Hexapod 6-Axis Motion Family Overview

M-810 Miniature Hexapod: XYZ + 3 Rotations = 6 Degrees of Freedom

  • Most-Compact Hexapod in the PI Portfolio
  • Travel Ranges 40 x 40 x 13 mm, Rotation to 60 Degrees
  • Load Capacity to 5 kg
  • Resolution of a Single Strut 40 nm
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 200 nm
  • Repeatability up to ▒0.5 Ám
  • Velocity to 10 mm/s

With a platform diameter of only 10 cm the M-810 Hexapod is the most compact parallel-kinematics micropositioning system to date. In addition to positioning all six axes with high speed and accuracy, it allows the user to define the center of rotation (pivot point) anywhere inside or outside the system envelope by one simple software command. This makes it ideal for all complex positioning tasks with restricted space

F-206 Alignment System: XYZ + 3 Rotations = 6 Degrees of Freedom with Controller

  • Parallel Kinematics with 6 Degrees of Freedom
  • 0.033 Ám Actuator Resolution
  • Repeatability 0.3 Ám in Space
  • No Moving Cables for Improved Reliability, Reduced Friction
  • Better Dynamics, More Compact than Serial Kinematics Systems
  • For Scanning and Alignment
  • Cartesian Coordinate Control with Virtualized Pivot Point
  • Powerful Digital Controller with Open Source LabView? Drivers, DLL Libraries...
  • Integrated Fiber Alignment Routines

The HexAlign 6-Axis Hexapod is a highly accurate micropositioning system for complex multi-axis alignment tasks. It is based on PI"s long experience with ultra-high-resolution, parallel kinematics stages. Unlike hexapods with

PDF Datasheet Download

variable-length struts ("legs") the F-206 features constant-length struts and friction-free flexure guides. This gives the F-206 even higher precision than other hexapod designs.

Piezo Flexure Stages (XYZ Scanners)

P-611.3 NanoCube« XYZ Scanner Piezo Stage

  • Compact XYZ Scanner
  • Up to 120 x 120 x 120 Ám Travel Range
  • Very Compact: 44 x 44 x 44 mm
  • Resolution to 0.2 nm, Rapid Response
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA« Piezo Actuators
  • Fast Multi-Axis Scanning
  • Version with Integrated Fiber Adapter Interface
  • Cost-Effective Mechanics/Electronics System Configurations

The P-611 NanoCube« is a versatile XYZ piezo-nanopositioning / XYZ scanner system. Equipped with a stiff, zero-stiction, zero-friction guiding system, this NanoCube« provides motion with ultra-high resolution and settling times of only a few milliseconds. The minimal moved masses and the stiff piezo drive make it ideal for high-throughput applications such as fiber alignment where it enables significantliy faster device characterization than achievable with conventional motorized drives.

PDF Datasheet Download

PDF Datasheet Download

P-363 PicoCube XYZ Piezo Stage / Scanner

  • XYZ Scanner for AFM/SPM Microscopy
  • Ultra-High-Performance Closed-Loop
  • Compact Manipulation Tool for Bio/Nanotechnology
  • Resonant Frequency 9.8 kHz
  • Capacitive Sensors for Highest Accuracy
  • Parallel-Motion Metrology for Automated Compensation of Guiding Errors
  • 50 Picometer Resolution
  • 5 x 5 x 5 Ám Travel Range
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions

The P-363 PicoCube XY / XYZ scanner stage is an ultra-high-performance closed-loop piezo scanning system. Designed for AFM, SPM and nanomanipulation applications, it combines an ultra-low inertia, high-speed XY/XYZ piezo scanner with non-contact, direct-measuring, parallel-metrology capacitive feedback capable of 50 picometers resolution.

PIMars XY and XYZ stages are fast and highly accurate multi-axis scanning and nanopositioning systems

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PIMars XYZ Scanner Piezo Flexure Stage

  • Parallel-Kinematics / Metrology for Enhanced Responsiveness / Multi-Axis Precision 
  • Travel Ranges to 340 x 340 x 340 Ám 
  • Capacitive Sensors for Highest Linearity 
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System 
  • Excellent Scanning Flatness 
  • High-Dynamics XYZ Version Available; Custom Versions to 6-DOF 
  • Clear Aperture 66 x 66 mm 
  • Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA« Piezo Actuators 
  • UHV Versions to 10-9hPa

with flatness and straightness in the nanometer range. The 66 x 66 mm clear aperture is ideal for transmitted-light applications such as near-field scanning or confocal microscopy and mask positioning.

PIHera« XY Piezo Stage & XYZ Stages with Flexure Drive

  • Travel Ranges 50 to 1800 Ám
  • High-Precision, Cost-Efficient
  • Resolution to 0.1 nm
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • 0,02% Positioning Accuracy
  • Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA« Piezo Actuators
  • X-, XY-, Z- and XYZ-Versions
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions Available

PDF Datasheet Download

P-733 XY and XYZ piezo driven stages are fast and highly accurate nanopositioning and scanning systems. They provide a positioning and scanning range of 100 x 100 (x10) Ám together with sub-nanometer resolution and are equipped with parallel-metrology capacitive position

P-733 XY & XYZ Stages with Piezo Flexure Drives: High-Precision XY / XYZ Scanner Family with Aperture

  • Travel Ranges to 100 x 100 Ám in XY & to 10 Ám in Z
  • Resolution to 0.1 nm with Capacitive Sensors
  • High-Speed Versions with Direct Drive
  • Vacuum and Non-Magnetic Versions
  • Parallel Kinematics for Better Multi-Axis Accuracy and Dynamics
  • Parallel Metrology for Active Trajectory Control
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • Clear Aperture 50 x 50 mm for Transmitted-Light Applications

feedback for superior multi-axis linearity and repeatability. The guiding accuracy minimizes runout to under 10 nm over the whole travel range. In addition, the high-speed Z-axis of the P-733.3CD can actively compensate any out-of-plane Z-axis deviation during XY motion.

PDF Datasheet Download

PInano XY Stage & XYZ Stage: Low-Cost Nanpositioning Systems for Super-Resolution Microscopy

  • Low Profile for Easy Integration: 20 mm (0.8")
  • Up to 200 x 200 x 200 Ám XYZ Scanning & Positioning Range
  • Large Clear Aperture for 3 x 1" Slides
  • Recessed Sample Holders for Maximized Utility Available
  • Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA«Piezo Actuators
  • Cost-Effective Design due to Piezoresistive Sensors
  • Compatible w/ Leading Image Acquisition Software Package
  • Closed-Loop Control for High Repeatability and Accuracy
  • Millisecond Step Time, Ideal for Super-Resolution Microscopy
  • 24-Bit Controller w/ USB, Ethernet, RS-232 Interface and Analog Control
  • Available Manual Long-Travel Stage with Motor Upgrade Option

PDF Datasheet Download

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